• Q : Where you can shipp your order ?
  • A : We serve shipping to United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and many more.

  • Q : Did you serve international shipping ?
  • A : Yes, we serve shipping all around the world too. Or you can say we shipp to the rest of the world, not only for capital country.

  • Q : It's free shipping or it have cost ?
  • A : NOT, it is not free. You will be charge for shipping cost.

  • Q : How much shipping cost ?
  • A : It's based on the shipping address (area / country destination), also how many quantity do you order. The price will be appear on the checkout process, with the final review of your order. Which details all product prices, shipping/handling, and taxes before placing your order.

  • Q : How if the shipping address is different from my billing address ?
  • A : Yes it can. You can do that on the final checkout process.

  • Q : How long my order will be arrive ?
  • A : In the normal time will take time 15-20 business days. For some other area / country will be greater than 20 business days. For more info, please check our "Policy"

  • Q : How about Tax ?
  • A : Actually we didn't charge any tax to our customer, and we didn't responsible for any shipping tax.

  • Q : Why my tracking didn't work ?
  • A : After you received tracking number, please allow 24hr - 48hr for their website to update data information. If 48 business hours have elapsed and there is no change in the tracking, please contact our customer service and inform them your issue and they will work with you to resolve the matter.

  • Q : What is delivery method you have ?
  • A : For now, we only have regular airmail service.

  • Q : I didn't received the order but when i track my order it said "delivered", why ?
  • A1 : Please check your mailbox, maybe your package in there.
  • A2 : Ask your family or your neighbour, maybe they are the one who received the package.
  • A3 : During the shipping process either USPS or UPS could find an error in your address. Some reasons are invalid address, like no such number/street, addressee unknown, and not deliverable as addressed. In this case, you must go to the post office near your neighbourhood and ask for your package by providing the tracking number you get. Or you can contact our customer service ASAP !! NOTE : in the A3 case, see the date of "delivered" on the site. Within 7 days from the date, your package still in the post office.

  • Q : What if i received inappropriate order ?
  • A : Take a picture of that item that you received. Please contact our cutomer service ASAP, send those picture them and tell them about your issue. They will work out on your issue ASAP.

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