• Q : Can i change my device / color / size for my order that it's has been done ?
  • A : Unfortunatly, you can't change it once it has been done. Please contact our customer service about your concern issue, it will be better if you do it ASAP. They will try to resolve your issue.

    • Q : Can i cancel my order ?

    • A : Your order maybe can be canceled if it didn't been processed yet. Please contact our customer service ASAP. Also, please give a valid reason why you canceled.

      • Q : Can i change my shipping address ?

      • A : Please contact our customer service ASAP less than 24hr.

        • Q : Why i can't submit my order ?

        • A : Please contact our customer service, they will explain, guide and give you an advice.

          • Q : Can i added another item after my order has been done ?

          • A : Unfortunatly, you can't added nor delete any item to your order once it has been placed. If you would like to added another product we recommend you to place new order.

            • Q : Why my order didn't arrived yet ?

            • A : Our estimated processing product in the tme frame 2-4 business days with additional shipping time determined by the shipping method. "Note : our product is made to order".

              • Q : I order 2 pcs, but i only received one. Why ?

              • A : We split in 2 for deliver order and usually you received 2 different tracking number. For more info please contact our customer service.

                • Q : What if i make a mistake on my order ?

                • A : Please contact our customer service and tell us about your issue, they will work with you to correct your order and ensure you get the exact product you wanted.

                  • Q : Can i get a tracking number for my order ?

                  • A : Yes,  we will send an email to you regarding your tracking number. And you can view shipping status of your order status.

                    • Q : When my order will be ship ?

                    • A : Allow us to produce your order within 2-4 business days  and physically ship your order.

                      • Q : Why my order hasn't shippied yet ? it has been more than 5 days.

                      • A : Please contact our customer service and provide us with the order number and we will look into the matter for you.

                        • Q : What is production time ?

                        • A : The product can be a variance in the length of the production process depending on a variety of factors, but for most orders the estimated production time frame is 2-4 business days before an order will ship.


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