How to made Order

This page is an instruction and guidance how to made an order or more. 


  • Go directly to our website "", see the picture bellow.
  • You can check our product by click "Menu" it's bellow our site logo on the left of your screen, there is view of available product we have (see the picture bellow). They will direct you to our collection product like apparel (tshirt, hoodie, tank top); pillow case; houseware (blanket, mug, shower curtain); phone cases etc.
  • OR, you can looking by searching what you like to get. Like your favorite actor & actress; your favorite singer or group band, your favorite movie and any more. "search" button is located on top right corner of your screen.
  • You also can "scroll down" you mouse to see our collection and product. See the picture bellow.
  • Next, choose one of our product you need by click the picture product.
  • Make sure to choose the right size, item or color do yo want by clicking the dropdown menu on the right side picture product, also the quantity do you need. After everything correct like you want it, then click "Add to Cart" button.
  • Then it will goes to the "shopping cart" page. You can pay it directly with your "PayPal" account, by clicking "PalPal Checkout" button
  •    then this page will be appear  
  • Login with your account then click "pay it" on your PayPal account. Then DONE, you will received an invoice from us. Oh yeah.. the shipping address will be the same with your address on your PayPal.
  • And you will get invoice from us :
  • You also can clicking "Check Out" button, then you will directted to checkout page and you must be complete the blank column. Like your email, first & last name, full address. It will be better if you leave your phone number in there, it help for delivery.
  • When everything is complete, click "continue to shipping metod" button. And you will directed to "shipping method" page, you can edit your address when it's incorrect. If everything is correct please click "continue payment method" then you will directed to "payment method" page.
  • Choose your shipping address "same as" your billing address, or you can choose "use a different" for the different billing address. Then click "complete order" button.
  • Then login with your PayPal account. And DONE.
  • For now we only accepted payment by "PayPal". In the near future we will add another payment method, like "Credit Card" as payment gateway. Click here for more Payment Info >>>
  • After everything done you will received an invoice from us.


Thank you very much and have nice shopping, any further question ask me here : click here >>>


Kind Regards


Claudevis A