Dear All,

Hello, i would like to introduce my self first..
My name is Claudevis Awaludin, i work on a company and my hobby is photography. Since my hobby is photography, it will related to editing. When i am not work, i spend half my time in front of my laptop (editing picture, photo, create an art and design). So, basically i am a designer and you can say that i am an artist.

What change me..
One day i got a birthday present from my colleague, it's a coffee mug. It's has a picture on that, my picture ofcourse. And i kind a questioned it "how come..??" or "how could do that..??", i know it's stupid question.. but for me, it's awesome and change everything. It become my inspiration.

The starting point..
From then on i create more and more design. I apllied that design on mug. While waiting for the printing machine to arrived (i buy it ofcourse). A little by a little i produce that mug with print picture/design on it. At first it didn't much just a few and the result is very good and marketable.

Never give up..
It's never been easy at first, it's hard. First, i sell to my friend. Eventough not all of them want to buy my product, but they give good response and positive feed back. From that point i encourage my self to produce more product. First half of week i produce that product, then the rest of the week i sell it by door to door like most of sales do. Ofcourse i do it after my working day is over, and i consider this as my part time job.

Like i said before, it's never been easy at first. It's goes up and down; scattered; mess and bla.. blaa.. bla.. But, the show must go on right? Thinking of that word, i must do something to achieve my goal, i can't let my self goes down. In order to complete that goal i've do everything, until i got an idea while i am browsing on the net "selling online.." Why it's didn't come in my mind all this time.. At firts i tried in marketplace like "artfire" and "bonanza" with the name "FixCenter". I am glad goes there, they help me and got me alot of customer all around the world. Since i got a lot, i can't handle it alone.. I start to recruit employe, one by one i recruit based on their expertise.. most of them is my friend. Also i've been on "ebay" and "etsy". But, it's an old story since i build this site "" It's not that i didn't appreciate them, i thank them alot.. they teach me everything and give me a lot of lesson. But i should be independently.. i must. I decided to quit my day job, fully handle "fixcenter" and build my own business.
It's been in long time until today, and i am feel grateful.. like they said "don't wait for the storm to pass, but learn to dance in the rain". And i still have a lot of thing to do, i have another goal. Like produce another stuff, device and goodies. Regarding any new product or news, i will posting on web "public info >>>" page and our social media account.

Thank you reader for read my little babble.. Little..??? Wkakakaka.. Anyway thank you very much, have wonderful day and GOD bless you all.

"if you can't fly, run.."
"if you can't run, walk.."
"if you can't walk, crawl.."
"but by all means, keep moving.."

"be grateful and you always have GOD"

Best Regards,

Founder & Owner

Claudevis Awaludin